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You are sure to find TrustTheSite suitably named. At the core of our services is a desire to increase your website trust, traffic and sales. But how is this done through SSL certificates? How does website security affect your bottom line?

The answer is simple: REPUTATION. Studies have shown that websites with visual security receive more traffic and undergo more transactions than those who do not. The most successful companies and institutions in the world have excellent websites. These websites are excellent because of their reputation. A good reputation is built over many years. When successful interaction becomes the norm, that reputation grows. However, when a user's privacy is compromised, that reputation takes a knock.

You can quickly see where we're going with this. Website security is an essential component to building up your reputation. As a business, you want your clients to trust your online platforms. You also want new customers to PHYSICALLY SEE that your website is safe. Only the best SSL certificates are sold through TrustTheSite. As Africa's sole dedicated Multibranded SSL vendor, it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of your company's reputation.

That's why we provide the five most recognised web security brands in the world. Whether your client base is local, international or both; TrustTheSite has you covered! Every area of your software, website, servers and sub domains are completely enveloped in the website security package that suits you.

This level of security is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, international banking institutions, governmental websites and high profile eCommerce sites. If these companies are trusting names such as Rapid SSL, Symantec and Thawte, shouldn't you do the same?

In addition to high quality SSL products, TrustTheSite has gone a few steps further. As consultants and representatives of our suppliers, we are also qualified to help you make the best choice. With approximately 50 different SSL packages, you may be at a loss as to which one is suitable for you. Too much security means you are wasting your money. Too little could be disastrous for your business. We're here to assist you with finding the right balance between price, quality, security cover and optional extras.

You will receive a few extra benefits when purchasing your SSL certificates from TrustTheSite.


First, we will provide you with full technical support which is available 24/7 all year round.


Second, our special vendor license allows us to lower our prices significantly— making us cheaper than our suppliers themselves.


Third, we have a lowest price policy! This policy states that if you find one of our products cheaper elsewhere, we'll beat that price. Not match it—BEAT IT!

For your sake, TrustTheSite is dedicated to establishing your website as a safe place to do business. In time, your users will appreciate your concern for their privacy. Gradually, trust will increase and traffic will start to flow to your website. So make sure your reputation is safe. Place it in our hands and let us worry about the security while you do what you do best— MAKE MONEY!

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