TrustTheSite's service was very quick and efficient. When our SSL expired sooner than we anticipated they were ready to assist in getting the order expedited faster than we ever thought, They are also easy to get a hold and very knowledgeable.

Ina Joubert
6cents Product Executive

Previously Lendcor purchased SSL certificates directly from the Internet Security company. We thought this would be the cheapest and best route. I was then contacted by Trust the site couple of weeks before my certificate was to expire. Gino’s professional approach and great advise made me choose to purchase through TrustTheSite. Our advantage of going through them is that I received enough information on what is the best solution for Lendcor and in that process we even saved money by going to Trust the site compared to purchasing directly from the Internet Security company. I would use Trust the Site again.”

Ashvan Sewpaul
Operations Director
Lendcor (Pty) Ltd

We approached Trust The Site .com 3 days prior to our Symantec SSL certificates expiring. They analysed our environment and pointed out that we were over specked and quoted us a Symantec SSL product that saved us a lot of money and offered us exactly what we needed. These guys are professional, efficient and most of all operate with integrity. Zonja Terblanche – Operations

Zonja Terblanche
Operations Officer - www.moneysmart.co.za

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