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When it comes to affordable, high quality SSL Certification, RapidSSL strives to be the cheapest available. Their basic internet protection is perfect for smaller companies whose customers enact low level transactions or for internal facing domains requiring a secure web based communication with a TRUSTED route for maximum server and browser recognition. With an encryption capability of up to 256 bits, Rapid SSL has proven itself to be a web security provider that's more than adequate for local businesses. Read further to find out whether RapidSSL is the right provider for your company's needs.

Why use RapidSSL?

We at TrustTheSite often recommend RapidSSL for companies on a tight budget. If your protection requirements are smaller than other companies', RapidSSL will deliver ample protection for a very low price. Need more than one sub-domain secured? RapidSSL's Wildcard option allows you to validate multiple domains for less than any other quality web security provider.

Features and Benefits when using RapidSSL

  • A company that doesn't require all the bells and whistles of other SSL Certificates will benefit from RapidSSL's extremely low prices.
  • Prices are further reduced when you purchase your RapidSSL Certificate through TrustTheSite.
  • Users enjoy up to 256 bit encryption.
  • If you already have an SSL Certificate that's too advanced for what you need, RapidSSL will replace it for you at a discounted rate.
  • RapidSSL is incredibly easy to install and comes with free tech support with your purchase.
  • There is seldom a long waiting period for your certificate to be issued. Most are sent within minutes of your purchase.

Brand Solutions offered by RapidSSL

There are two main options offered by RapidSSL as well as a third option which entails a 30 day free trial. If you're still not convinced that RapidSSL can provide you with adequate website security, try it for 30 days and make your purchase when the trial period ends. You will then be able to choose between:

  • Level 1 Domain Validation (DV) for Situations where trust and credibility are less important. E.g. internal environments like exchange or internal applications attacks Read More
  • RapidSSL also offers Wildcard certificates for the securing of multiple sub-domains Read More







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