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Thawte is recognised as the first company to provide SSL Certificates on an international level. Their experience in the industry is unrivalled, meaning that you benefit from their reliable support and 17-year track record. Thawte also deals exclusively in digital SSL Certificates, giving this particular category their absolute undivided attention.

Why use Thawte?

Purchasing web security certificates from Thawte is recommended for companies who want robust security for their websites. Because of their longstanding relationship with thousands of high profile companies, Thawte endeavours to grow, strengthen and improve their already-efficient authentication process. This ability to continually advance is what has contributed to their ongoing success over the past 17 years.

Features and Benefits when using Thawte

  • Thawte offers a support infrastructure that's compatible with 120 different countries and their respective languages.
  • They are globally recognised as the first SSL provider with over 17 years of service. This unarguably makes them the most reliable SSL Certificate provider in the world.
  • SSL Certificates are available for EV, OV, DV, Wildcard and SAN requirements. Thawte has an option for your company no matter the size or number of domains you own.
  • Thawte's Trust Seal is recognised worldwide and offers your users peace of mind. This also ensures more traffic for your site and ultimately more business.
  • The user experience offered by Thawte is unrivalled in terms of user-friendliness. You can easily monitor multiple licenses in one place and renew, reissue or revoke each license at a whim.

Brand Solutions offered by Thawte

The Thawte brand is trusted by many different types of companies. But not all their options will be compatible with your particular needs. Allow Trust The Site to advise you on which SSL Certificates your company will benefit from, and which are unnecessary. Going through us also means that you receive huge discounts on your purchase.

Brand solutions offered by Thawte:

  • Level 1 Domain Validated (DV) certificates, perfect for internal facing domains that are less likely to be the target of duplication and/or phishing attacks Read More
  • Level 2 Organisation Validated (OV) certificates for complete company Verification on public websites dealing with less sensitive transactions Read More
  • Level 3 Extended Validation (EV) for customers looking for premium website security and high warrantees. To be used on any site with a login page, a credit card checkout page or any site looking to secure sensitive data. Read More
  • Wildcard SSL to secure Multiple sub domains under one unique primary domain Read More
  • UCC SAN certificates that allow you to secure 25 unique domains under a single SSL. This solution saves you money and is perfect in situations where limited IP addresses pose a risk. Read More
  • Code Signing solutions that digitally shrink wrap your code to protect its integrity Read More







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