• Domain Validated SSL

    DV SSL certificates offer your company the bare necessities in website security. For a company that needs the basics, these certificates are perfect because they come at extremely low prices. As a standard validation, your website will receive confirming indications that the site has been secured by a well known SSL brand. Because your company details are not displayed for users, these certificates are quickly issued. DV certificates are perfect for smaller companies who need quick security encryption against basic threats.

  • Organisation Validated SSL

    An OV SSL certificate includes slightly more stringent validation. Users recognise and trust websites that have been scrutinised by a well known CA. They also appreciate the level of security your company possesses, as this puts their minds at ease about transacting on your website. OV SSL certificates are a MUST for medium to large companies and eCommerce sites. Wherever clients are providing credit card details and private information, this level of security is essential.

  • Extended

    EV SSL certificates are the gold standard in the industry. Wherever you see the EV identification mark, you know that it signifies stringent validation checks as well as visual security indications. EV certificates include the green address bar in your website's URL with the validated Organisations name imbedded. This green bar allows the user to click on it and check out your credentials and your security status. A massive boost in trust is achieved and your reputation is strengthened in the mind of your users. An "s" will also follow your "http" prefix. "s" is for SECURE, and that's exactly the message you will bring across. This high visibility SSL option is a maximum ROI solution that can never be replicated by any website duplication attempt.

  • Wildcard SSL

    Top level CAs have provided you with a high value option if your company runs off multiple sub-domains. Wildcard SSL certificates secure one domain, while covering all of the sub-domains associated with that domain. For example, where a "website.co.za" is secured, your "mail.website.co.za; checkout.website.co.za" domains are all included in the cover. This offers a big saving, since only one certificate is needed for all that protection!


    SAN SSL certificates are brilliant for companies that need multiple fully qualified domains like, website.co.za; webiste.com and webiste2.net secured under a single SSL. Essentially these certificates where originally created for Microsoft exchange environments where IP addresses were in short supply, but companies have quickly caught on that this is the perfect solution to save on costs and administration time spent on procuring and managing certificates for multiple domains. These certificates often come with an option of securing 20, 40 or even 100 individual domains. Where one SSL certificate is paid for, SAN options offer more comprehensive cover according to the number of websites you need security for. It's simply one more way CAs accommodate you in terms of cost and flexibility.

  • Code Signing

    Ever wondered how users will identify YOUR unique software among a cheap imitations? Code signing is tantamount to virtual shrink wrapping. It essentially ‘seals' your software and validates it as ORIGINAL or TAMPER-PROOF. You—as the originator of that software—are identified as the sole author, generating trust and authenticity in the minds of your buyers. A failure to implement code signing to your software will leave you vulnerable to tampering, duplications and an eventual loss in sales.

  • Anti-malware

    The internet is rife with phishing scams, viruses and harmful software. These obstacles are often referred to as ‘malware', and new forms are being added to the web every day. High level CAs have developed encryption codes that cut off and prevent malware from affecting your website and its users. Anti-malware scans identify weak points in your website's current security and help you to address those problems aptly. For the most effective anti-malware solutions, choose an SSL brand with a solid reputation. The top five in the world are listed right here at TrustTheSite.

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