You'll be happy to learn that TrustTheSite is completely unique in the way we have structured our reseller options. As an established vendor of SSL certificates, we are in a position to boost your credibility as a reseller and help you sell more certificates throughout the year. Partnering with us also means you get the full backup of TrustTheSite and our suppliers.

Resellers enjoy numerous benefits through our partnership program. First of all, you will receive exceptional discounts to help you remain competitive in your pricing (which is not dependant on how many certificates you sell). Second, because we are ONLY focused on SSL, you receive our undivided attention and support at all times. Third, you will be associating yourself with the largest SSL vendor in Africa—as well as five of the most recognised SSL brands in the world.

There are no signup fees when you join our program. Regardless of how many SSL certificates you sell per year, you will ALWAYS benefit from our Platinum Partner buying power. In addition to this buying power, you will receive world class support in the form of online tools, our support centre and easy payment options. In short, we're here to make sure YOU succeed.

Our partner program allows you, our partner to be efficient, effective and best of all profitable. We invested, researched and developed this program to ensure the growth and success of our partners. Sign up now

  • Best Pricing
  • Best Service, support & technology
  • Best selection for your all your clients’ needs
  • NO sign up fees
  • Free account manager / free technical and customer support
  • Allow us access to your customers and we will do the closing for you
  • Advanced reseller control panel to manage your SSL business
  • Access to partner knowledgebase, educational tools & resources
  • Easy payments via credit card, PayPal or bank wire
  • Set your own prices while we remain anonymous, issuance of the certificate takes place in the vendors website

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